Genre : 3D Adventure Game

Platform : PC / Mac / Web / Mobile

Engine : Unity

Concept : In the game, the player plays a convicted military officer. He is offered a pardon at the price of being involved in a covert operation, and he accepts it. All the past records of his are erased and he has plastic surgery to be disguised as a world renowned bio tech scholar…

Dev. Status : Prototype & Play Test

Agent Sinusoid, codename 440Hz

Genre : TPS (Third-person shooters)

Platform : PC

Engine : UDK

Concept : A secret agent called Sinusoid fights against villains to save the world. His weapon is an oscillator which generates powerful sonic waves by amplifying his voice. In his first assignment, he’s faced with dockbots which are bio-synthesized monsters between ducks and humanoids.

Dev. Status : WIP


Genre : SNS(Facebook)-Based Public Polling System

Engine : Unity

Role : Client Programming & Art Director

Concept : PPWall is a public polling system in which a participant with Facebook ID votes for some agenda and the result is shown on public displays as well as the Facebook wall.

Dev. Status : Prototype & User Test

Duke Groove

Genre : Sound Visualization (possibly a Rhythm Action game in the future)

Engine : UDK

Concept : Incoming sound(music) is analyzed in an external module (PD or MaxMSP)
and makes Duke groove and his dancers dance. Additionally stage effects are controlled by the sound.

Dev. Status : WIP